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Kreuser Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO 2017

“Although I’d collected female images for years, I wasn’t aware I was doing it until a friend likened some sketches I sent her to Nancy Spero’s work. I was unfamiliar with Spero, but after studying her work, I realized I had amassed a group of icon-like figures, often as relief prints, that I had never put in relation to one another.

This show is an attempt to do just that—to juxtapose the figures and look at them together. Many of the figures are my original prints used as collage. The pieces in the show directly reference Spero’s minimal background fields and her intent to reappropriate the feminine form.”


"Cecelia" with Lindsay Hand

 at The Modbo. Colorado Springs, Colorado 2016

“Cecelia,” a unique show featuring painting from found photographs by Lindsay Hand and an installation by Nethery Wylie. The installation for “Cecelia” at The Modbo features images made large enough to gaze back at the viewer with a life-size presence of their own. 


Family Album

Mila Kunstgalerie, Linienstrasse, Berlin, Germany, 2014


I began with  archival scrap, texts, images, stories, memories, historical contexts, and a large collection of photographs. The first stage resulted in a set of digital sketches for an analog book.  Displayed at Mila Kunstgalerie, Linienstrasse, Berlin, Germany.

"the techniques and findings of family historians disrupt many of our assumptions about the past..... [and] throw into question the solidity not only of the history of family, class relationships and the power relations between men and women but also the history of nation and empire"   Tanya Evans "The Radical Potential of Family" History Workshop Journal 2011

The Sheers

Supermarkt, Berlin, Germany  2013

Cottonwood Center for the Arts, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA  2014


Gel medium transfers of photographs of myself, my mother, my maternal grandmother and my great great grandmother on vintage sheer curtains from family boxes. Further explorations of this material and method are planned.



Kreuser Gallery,  Depot Arts District of Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA 2015

A solo show of paintings and prints. 


Mixed Up Media

Or, where I came from. These selected examples of older work from a variety of projects fill out the background of current work.


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